Fun Facts from Shoham

Founded in 1993, Shoham is a dynamic, thriving young town, located halfway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in close proximity to Ben-Gurion Airport. Shoham's 21,000 residents are primarily young and well-educated. The town's motto is "Living Excellence".



  • EDUCATION is a key area of investment for the Shoham town council. Shoham boasts 25 preschools and kindergartens, 5 secular elementary schools, 1 religious elementary school, 2 middle schools, 1 secular high school, and 1 religious yeshiva high school. Shoham's high school matriculation rate consistently ranks among the highest in Israel. The Shoham school system also offers a variety of supplementary programs and services, including after-school programs for gifted and talented students, special high school academic tracks with an emphasis on STEM subjects, high school dropout prevention services, and special education support.


  • CULTURE is another point of pride for Shoham. Ongoing cultural events are offered year-round, in addition to special events organized for national holidays and festivals. Shoham operates a performing arts center, which hosts theater performances, lectures, sing-alongs, and other forms of entertainment for youth and adults. Temporary art exhibitions are shown in the lobby of the performing arts center. Shoham also hosts a two-day festival annually during the holiday of Sukkot, which draws tens of thousands of attendees from Shoham and throughout Israel.


  • SPORTS AND FITNESS are also popular in the community. Shoham offers infrastructure in the form of fitness centers, walking and riding trails, sports arenas, and playing fields and courts. There is also a variety of sports classes offered through the Hamesh Community Center, as well as local sports leagues and competitive sporting events. Two annual sporting events, the Shoham Circuit bicycle tournament and Shoham Race marathon, attract participants from across the country.

Number of synagogues in Shoham

Shoham is a diverse community, home to secular, traditional, and Reform residents. Kehilat Shoham, a Reform congregation, has formed a partnership with Temple Israel.

Percentage of high school graduates from Shoham who join the IDF

Shoham youth are enthusiastic about serving the country! Israel's national average for youth who enlist in the IDF is 75%.

Number of acres of public parks and gardens in Shoham

Shoham leads Israel in environmental sustainability, with household waste/recycling programs, multi-year water and energy savings programs, and a master plan for sustainability.