During Federation’s annual budgeting process, the Board of Directors allocates a gross dollar amount to Jewish Educational and Camping Scholarships.  An anonymous Scholarship Committee is appointed to review individual applications, which are submitted anonymously.  The Committee determines the appropriate amounts to be distributed among three separate pools of funds:


  1. Fall Scholarships - Religious School, Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons and Jewish Day School (K-12);
  2. Summer Camp Scholarships - local and regional sleep-away camps;
  3. Special Considerations


Scholarships are awarded to individuals only, not to institutions, and are based upon financial need.  The scholarship monies are paid directly to the educational institutions or camps, which credit the student’s account accordingly.  Scholarships are granted only for that portion of school or camp tuition which contains direct Jewish content. 


For more information contact Carolyn Pruitt at or (901) 767-7100.