Fedovation Impact Grants

(Second Year Opportunity)

Open to individuals (through a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor), congregations, youth groups and agencies serving the Memphis Jewish community. Letters of Intent are due by the close of business on April 15, 2016. Applications may be submitted to more than one grant fund but each application should be for a different program or address a different component of the same program. 

Goal: To foster innovation and impact in serving the Memphis Jewish community through meeting at least one strategic priority of the Jewish Community Partners Action Plan:


  1. Sustaining Jewish Memphis (Initiatives to support Recruitment & Retention)
  2. Jewish Education & Engagement across the Age Spectrum with Emphasis on Next GEN (Leadership, Jewish Engagement, Informal Jewish Education Opportunities)
  3. Caring for our Fellow Jews (Initiatives to support Older Adults, Special Needs Individuals & Families, Individuals & Families in Crisis)


Grants available for up to $50,000. Last year, grant awards ranged from $3,000-$20,000.