2018 Holocaust Art and Essay Contest

All 6-12 students in Tennessee and the Mid-South are invited to participate in Memphis Jewish Federation’s 9th Annual Holocaust Art and Essay Competition. Download the 2018 Flyer here


Students in grades 6-8 are invited to submit artwork, and students in grades 9-12 are invited to submit essays, on this year’s theme of Remembering the Jews of Lodz: Jewish Life & the Struggle to Survive.


Students should either explore the vibrant Jewish life that existed in Lodz before the war or examine the struggle to survive in the Lodz Ghetto. 


Entrants may wish to consider the following: What was Jewish life in Lodz like before the war? In what ways was Lodz a vibrant center of Jewish culture? How did the Lodz Ghetto differ from other Nazi ghettos? Given the harsh realities of life in the ghetto, how did the starving, desperate Jewish prisoners cope? What strategies did they employ in attempting to survive, physically and spiritually? How did Jewish culture express itself in the Lodz Ghetto?


Cash prizes for top winners in each category sponsored by the Tennessee Holocaust Commissioners from Memphis and their spouses: Allen and Eileen Exelbierd, Jack and Marilyn Belz, Jan and Andy Groveman, Josh and Joanna Lipman, and Leonid and Friderica Saharovici. All entries are due by the close of business, Tuesday, March 8, 2018


Click here  for complete guidelines for art contest. Click here for complete guidelines for essay contest.


For more information, please contact Bluma Zuckerbrot-Finkelstein, bzuckerbrot-finkelstein@jcpmemphis.org

2017 winners

Art (Pictured ablove)


First Place: Celeste Rodriguez, 7th Grade, Colonial Middle School

Second Place: Gabrielle Smith, 8th Grade, Colonial Middle School



First Place: Akiva Finkelstein, 10th grade, Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys- read it online

Second Place: Eli Gruen, 11th grade, Memphis University School- read it online