Millennial Challenge Micro Grants

Open to individuals (through a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor), congregations, youth groups and agencies serving the Memphis Jewish community. Letters of Intent are due by the close of business on April 15, 2016. Applications may be submitted to more than one grant fund but each application should be for a different program or address a different component of the same program.

Goal:  To inspire the creation and/or expansion of Jewish engagement programs that are open and welcoming to marginally affiliated and unaffiliated youth and young adults from Jewish and interfaith families, ages 16-36. Programs should aim to:


  1. Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for Jews of diverse religious affiliation, background and family situations (e.g. interfaith);
  2. Inspire a long-term commitment to living a Jewish life;
  3. Encourage formal affiliation with synagogues and other Jewish communal organizations;
  4. Connect Jewish youth and young adults to each other and to the Jewish community;
  5. Provide opportunities for meeting like-minded life partners.


Grants will be awarded in the range of $1000-$5000 with a total of $25,000 available.