2021 Holocaust Art and Essay Contest

2020 Art & Essay Winners




1st Place: Jasmine Melesio, Colonial Middle School


2nd Place (Tied): Kathryn Rogers, St. Francis of Assisi and Aniya Scales, Colonial Middle School


3rd Place: Yael Nahum, Bornblum Jewish Community School


Honorable Mentions: Eric Cheng, Colonial Middle School; Sofia Frisch & Bethany Roberts, Bornblum Jewish Community School; Raven Johnson, Colonial Middle School; Hadley Lawler, Colonial Middle School; Kasey Rosenberger:. St. Francis of Assisi




First place: Laila Brustin, Nashville School of the Arts

Second place: Ruby Nahmias, Hutchison

Honorable mention: Kaylee Keyser, Stewart County High School

Honorable mention: Lahanna Juckett, Stewart County High School