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Zoë Goldberg
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BBYO is a worldwide organization, which provides opportunities for Jewish youth to develop their leadership potential, a positive Jewish identity, and commitment to their personal development.

BBYO is divided into two components:  AZA (Aleph Zadik Aleph) for Jewish boys and BBG (B'nai B'rith Girls) for Jewish girls. Memphis is the proud home of five BBYO chapters:  Okeon AZA, Peres AZA, Kriger BBG, River City BBG, and Pearl BBG. Each chapter is an independently functioning, democratic group, made up of 12-50 members. These chapters program under the guidelines of the BBYO Mission Statement.

BBYO is also, quite proudly, a youth organization led by the youth themselves. Through participation in their chapters, our members learn by direct involvement. With guidance, advice, and support from adult staff, our members take active roles in planning and carrying out the many activities offered by BBYO.

The Memphis BBYO program is a beneficiary of the Memphis Jewish Federation. BBYO offices are professionally staffed and located at the Memphis Jewish Community Center.