Baron Hirsch Congregation (Orthodox)

400 South Yates
Memphis, TN 38120

P: (901)683-7485
F: (901)683-3592

Baron Hirsch Congregation traces its roots back 150 years as one of the first synagogues serving the Memphis Jewish Community.  For generations, Baron Hirsch has been a place where Jews have gathered to learn and grow in Jewish practice and knowledge, and countless families have become more connected to their heritage and to the community because of their relationship with Baron Hirsch.

The Baron Hirsch Congregation of today is a vibrant, modern Orthodox Zionist congregation that seeks to engage its membership in experiencing all aspects of Jewish life with a strong commitment to the Jewish people, the State of Israel and our Torah.  To accomplish this goal, we focus our concentration in four major divisions:

  1. The Baron Hirsch Educational Institute offers learning opportunities for all backgrounds.  We offer a variety of class settings where everyone can find a venue of interest, including discussion groups, guest lectures, call-in classes, lunch & learns and living room classes.
  2. Baron Hirsch Youth, our youth department, offers programs and services from toddler to collegiate. Our Shabbat & holiday programs, NCSY, youth lounge, teen events, summer camp and College Connections project are just a few examples of the importance we place on the futures of our community.
  3. Our Building Relationships initiative to create stronger member bonds focuses on both major events for everyone as well as our Chugim - small clubs of people with similar interests.  Major events such as Shabbat dinners, holiday celebrations, trivia nights and many other socials attract hundreds of participants who come from different backgrounds, but enjoy celebrating together.  Our current Chugim include our Kol Rena So-Shuls, knitting group, book club and young couples group, and many more are in the planning stages.  Our Chesed Department makes sure that we reach those individuals who often feel most isolated from the community.
  4. Religious services and the celebration of life cycle events form the core of synagogue life.  Our services are warm and spirited, and we go to great lengths to make everyone feel welcome.  A family simcha at Baron Hirsch becomes a celebration for the congregation, as evidenced by the dancing that occurs following the Aliya of a Bar Mitzvah boy or bridegroom.