6 2019

ASBEE Dumont University - Winter Series

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Alan Goldkin 120 East Yates Road North
Memphis, TN 38120

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Civil Discourse? The Rabbis Duke It Out!

Is the din of discussion too loud for you? Would you like to see a more respectful interchange of views and opinions? Join us for a discussion of civil, and sometimes not so civil exchanges in Rabbinic Literature from the Talmud to the Medieval Scholars and learn something about how to exchange ideas with dignity and if there may be some exceptions to civility and why!


All sessions on Wednesday nights at 7 pm

Jan. 23rd- Ramban vs. Rambam on dreams, allegory and sacrifices

Jan. 30th- Ramban vs. Baal Hamaor, Spain vs. Provence

Feb. 6th- The Least Civil of Debates: Raavad vs. Rambam on Free Will and more


All classes are free and open to the public. 

Sponsored by the Mary Hytken Dumont Educational Fund